Mpu-6050 gy-521

I have some problems with mpu6050. When I use Serial.println(getPitchIMU) and I rotate the module the data from sensor changing very slow. What is it ?

Hey @German_io,

We’ve seen your messages, but it’s really hard to say from the your description.
Did you try the sensor alone, without the SimpleFOC library?
Does it work well?
I did have some issues with mpu6050 I’ve bought on Amazon. I’ve bought pack of 4 and only two were good.

What does it mean it changes slow?
Mayb it is the issue with the mpu settings, the filtering or something.

What MCU ate you using?
Do you have the i2c pullups?

Im using stm32 in first case and esp32 in second. Im using shielded cable from MPU.
But im not using i2c pullups.

Does the sensor work without the library code?

I was not be able to make the MPU work without the pull-ups really :smiley:

it works but speed slow to. Im using your code for balancing robot and testing MPU.
When I watch. youtube demonstration video about robot Im noticed that you speed changing angles slow to.

So I have an idea about my problem. Its low pass filtering angle. It the reason of slow speed;