Motion Control Torque DC Current


A friend of mine wants to ask about Torque control DC current, I’ve tried to set the PID of the motor to run smoothly, but there’s something I’m worried about why the speed of rotation is set on the motor.the voltage_limit is the target? and why the target motor rotation is not the same as the target current I wrote in the command? So the rotation of the motor when I write “T1” the motor will rotate so fast.

Thank you.

Hi @Ganang_Aji!

To get more timely and more precise answer its always better to give a bit more info about your setup.

Can you tell us a bit more on your setup?

  • which mcu
  • which sensor
  • which driver
  • which motor

Can you show us your code and the potentially the output to the serial terminal?

If you are using the torque mode, then the T1 corresponds to the target torque command of 1Amp. The velocity of the motor is the consequence of the torque set but they are not proportional. In order to command the velocity of the motor use the velocity mode not the torque mode.

motor.controller = MotionControlType::velocity;

If you use this mode, then the T1 command is gonna correspond to the target velocity of 1rad/s.

i used
MCU = STM32 Nucleo F446RE
Sensor = ACS758 100B

and I am not setting driver like pwm_frequency and dead_zone.

Iam now using motioin control torque
If I use motor torque, do I have to put a load on it?

wait maybe I am share video tunning in simpleFOC studio

what do you think?