Mks dual foc v3.1?

What do you think of this board? It looks like just add an ESP32 and you have a SimpleFOC solution. It says it has current sense. Do you see any negatives to this?

MKS dual foc


That looks similar to this board that combines the esp and power stage: FOC 3.0 Driver Board Open Source Current Loop w/esp32 Simple FOC Controller NEW | eBay

I have used this board with with SimpleFOC without issue. The current sensing works well.

How does one connect the ESP32 to the motor shield?

Yes. No documentation.



well new user here and i had the question regarding the same board MKS Dual FOC. Apparently they have minimal documentation on their github: GitHub - makerbase-mks/MKS-DUALFOC regarding schematics and arduino codes

Although its in the documentation that it works with ESP32 dev board and provides the connections for motors and sensors it doesn’t provide for connecting it to an ESP 32, strange!. However I guess Motor shield RX to ESP32 TX and ESP32 RX to Motor shield TX and connecting them to a common ground

Although i think one might need to add a heat sink since there are 2 l6234 drivers on the same chip

With that board, it can be bought with headers that can be soldered to the board to allow an esp to be used. You cannot talk to it via serial or TX/RX - it needs to have PWM commands sent to it from the ESP.

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Sorry I’m a newb in this field
Where would you think the PWM commands can be sent

Can you explain kindly where would these headers be connected or where did you connect your headers on your board

Hi @ashal

You would have to solder the ESP headers to the small pads in the middle of the board. Take a look at this post I made: Deng FOC Board - Easy to use! - #7 by Antun_Skuric

It’s the same power stage that you have, just with an ESP already included! I highly recommend just buying that board from aliexpress. I’ve had great success in using it for my projects.

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ah thanks @wrcman555 i guess i have 2 solder the headers to these pads and then connect the ESP32 which i already have in my uni labs

Apparently i have already ordered one form makerbase official store on Aliexpress. If it doesnt work out i’ll prolly get Deng or the ODrive. thanks again

Yep, those are the header pads to connect the esp to!

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Sorry for reviving a dead thread, but I got the documentation from the seller for the MKS Dual FOC and Dual FOC Plus. These are pretty much boards made by MKS.
As this is the first page that has relevant info on a google search I thought I’d pop this here if it helps anyone as one would not expect the PLUS version to be with the lower power one: