Mbldc controller

Hi guys i’m trying to assemble a bldc controller for my quadruped robot which uses flycat 5010 360kv motor. I found this controller and looks pretty cool has anyone ever tried this out. If not there is a schematic in the hardware folder can anyone take peek at it and tell me if i could run foc on it and would it be worth building the board.

The Stm32g473 is a good chip it’ll probably work but not sure if any one has tried it (stm32g431 is more popular here) and drv8305 for driver is a popular choice for simplefoc.

It’s not clear whether spi is broken out so might only be able to use slower i2c sensors (which would put me off).

I can’t say whether it’ll work or how well the person who made it has tested it.

can you please suggest me a open source board for 12v operation of the flycat 5010 360kv motor for using it in a quadruped robot any help will be appreciated