Make BLDC motor beep


Is there a possibility to make my BLDC motor beep? I remember my old DJI drone used to use the motors to make a beeping sound whenever I turned it on or off.

Is it possible to do this with simplefoc?

The brushless motor did not beep itself, the motor controller (esc) made the beeping sound. Simple FOC would not be helpful at all because of this. However, if you do want a beep, maybe look into adding a buzzer to your project.

Hey @Luca,

Yes, its possible, not directly through simpleFOC, but using the driver part of the library to directly oscillate the motor.
By oscillating at different frequencies you can produce different sounds.

@Owen_Williams wrote some code to do it, there is a git repo here:

It’s maybe not up to date with the current SimpleFOC library version, but certainly a place to start.

There’s also a cool demo video:


High quality motors with sealed coils wont make sound, so ymmv.