Loss of pulse signal

Hello everyone.
To say that you are helping me a lot in advancing my project.
I am trying to run the bldc motors of an old cnc using step and direction pulses.
Everything works fine, but I have a loss of step signal.

I use an arduino uno with Estlcam to generate the pulses
, I have mounted a 5v to 3.3v converter (txs0108E) on this one to send the pulses to the stm32f446 and IHM07M1 driver assembly.
Could it be because of the wiring?

Capturing the signal I have realized that the High Voltage level (3V) output of the converter is just over 2V. If I don’t connect the output to the stm board it is 3V.
I don’t know if putting a pull up resistor at the output would be a good idea.
What do you recommend?


I answer myself.
I found that the stm32f44RE chip has 5V tolerant I/O pins.


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Sounds like you’ve solved it a different way, but this problem means you need to look into the converter and how it is wired up - something is wrong there it seems…