Looking for paid assistance

Hello Friends,
Looking for someone who can help me to write a code. I am building a control panel prototype. The panel use BLDC motor with encoder as control knob. The knob should have 3 different modes: Ratchet, bounce, pull to center.


Thank you for the offer. Could you please post the hardware specifics to help people gauge the amount of effort involved?



I’m sure someone will appreciate this offer. You should probably leverage some of the work done on smart knobs. The one by scott somethingeruther appears to be pretty good. simplefoc can definitely help.

Seems to me to be largely a matter of programming. If you need some cad and some physical prototyping I have all the stuff, I could be part of a team but I wouldn’t be able to make quick work of the programming. I have some suitable motors and stock material and stuff.

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@Karl_Makes_Music also does lots of work on similar projects

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I’ve spoken to Mastino and since im currently unavailable for comissions due to focus on Ratchet device i suggested him to reach out to forum / discord for advice/guidance.

As far as im informed the requirement here is to aid in integration code for cotrol of external electro mechanical application with bi-directional feedback.