KiCAD-Project of Arduino Shield

Hi Guys,

does somebody of you have an idea, how i can import the Altium project on Github to a KiCAD project?
I want to edit the board in such a way, that enables me to use current measurement via optional sense resisitors. Furthermore i want to add dedicated enable pins to eventually use regenerative breaking in the future.

I also plan to make a version of the board to use the L6230 instead of the L6234.

Any help is appreciated. Thank you

Hey @MrAnderson,

Sorry for the delay, I was hoping to be able to give you some more details how to do it and when do I plan to make a KiCad Model of the SimpleFOCShield but at the moment I cannot really offer you much :smiley:
What I can tell you is that I am definitely going to do it, jut I am not sure how soon. I have downloaded KICAD and started some tests and I like it, but at this point PCB development doesn’t get much of my time :smiley:
I hope to be more helpful in next few weeks.

Current sensing is on roadmap too, so I am definitely happy to hear your thoughts. L6230 is also a nice solution. I have dug into it a bit and it makes sense to use it. especially since you can easier fit the three sensing resistors.

I just checked this online Altium-to-Kicad converter and it seems to be at least a good starting point. I’m using the nightly-builds of Kicad so I have a few issues. You should try it!

Thank you for your support,

i just realised, that there is an arduino uno template in kicad. So i made a shield with the L6234 by myself. I will test it in the near future and share it with you if it works.

It enables all possible features of the L6234 and gives the possibility to reroot all inputs and outputs.