JY01 board hacking

Just thought I’d share some success hacking cheap aliexpress boards using the JY01 chips, seeing how this chip shortage isnt going away soon and like everyone I’m struggling to find good drivers.

Got the idea from here: Deadtime 6pwm - hacking 10$ 36v/500w bldc controller to run simplefoc - #12 by Aleksandar_Markovic

For my first tests I was just desoldering the JY01 chip and soldering loose wires on, like that thread. Then I realized 1.27mm headers are available and fit the chip’s footprint perfectly, so now I have a fairly neat solution I can have some confidence in and is quick to do (easy with smd rework for chip removal, maybe not so much with just a soldering iron):

The long board can be found under ‘XY-BLDC’ on aliexpress, and I’ve been running it on 18v @ ~4amps peak positioning a timing belt gantry with good results. Not sure how much the small heatsink can take but its miles better than the BTS7960 modules which overheated/died almost immediately.

The other is the basic 500W I see all over aliexpress. I’ve only wired this up without a heatsink to verify my chip replacement works, so I can’t say how stable it is.

I have a few spare of each for stress testing when I get around to it, so if there any tests anyone wants me to try let me know. Just got some 5065 motors which should be able to put them through their paces without overheating.


Closeup since I can only post one image per post


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Welcome, and thank you. That’s some hardcore soldering going on there.

Is your avatar the Tachikoma?


Yep, good old gavatar :slight_smile:

Was easier than I expected actually. Probably the first time I’ve used the rework station, took about 20sec to remove the chip (could probably carefully cut the leads off and desolder instead) some quick cleanup with solder braid and I just hand soldered the connector because I was too lazy to find some solder paste.

@Stuv Please share your test results with SimpleFOC ?

Any tests in particular? I’ve only really tested them in my particular application where they work fine, if you know of more specific tests I can try running them.

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I would like to see if it can run hoverboard motors without heating up?

If possible can you test the torque control i.e. High torque and check does the board heats up. Thanks.