JMC integrated servo teardown

Just if anyone is interested some pictures of the insides of a JMC integrated servo, it seems to use a optical encoder and aditionally 3 hall sensors. if anyone has any questions i havent put it back toghter yet.


Thank you this is really nice. Is this an stm32f103rct6?
Also it is very educational to see the connectors. Excellent hardware porn.
Also notice how all I/O lines are protected.

yes the MCU is a stm32f103rct6

I’m actually thinking about switching my design over to stm32 because the esp32 is quite limited with gpio, it’s doable but it’s more complicated.

Based on my experience with stm32, and after I designed a few boards, I am pretty happy. By no means I consider myself an expert but so far I have not met any issue I could not solve. The hardware and software ecosystem is massive and, support is excellent. The only problem now is the chip shortage, it’s kicking serious butt. Even the small F0 chips are out.

Why do you say it’s complicated?

Yeah I saw that stm32 is sold out everywhere that’s why I wanted to use esp32 because it’s available.
My problem is the limited gpio pins, my plan now is to have a master esp32 that does IO from the outside and then a slave esp32 that drives the igbt measures the current and so on. The slave MCU has simplefoc on it. And master and slave are isolated from another. Encoder, bldc driving, breaking resistor controll and DC bus voltage are all on the slave that is connected via SPI to master Wich gets the signals to the outside world and does temp monitoring and stuff.