It posible adapted Step/dir simple FOC for vesc?

Good day all.
I have vesc and pmsm motor, i want control the pmsm motor by step/dir. But vesc did’t support step/dir. It posible to adapted step/dir simple foc for the vesc?? Mybe by canbus or something??

That doesn’t sound easily possible…

How would you control the VESC driver? Can you recompile it from source code?

Control from canbus, Control with CAN - OpenRobot, Inc
So i adapted step/dir from simple FOC to convert step dir to degree or something sir.

You can try it. I would not really bother with our class, just copy any functions you need from it and make your own. Because the CAN-bus code will be much more and more complicated than the step-dir code :slight_smile:

You can try to control the VESC via CAN-bus in Angle-Mode (Position Mode) and try to set small position changes for each step. My guess is the latencies will be quite high, and it might not work as well as expected for this reason.

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