iPower GM4108H-120T motor mount bracket STL file?

Where can I find the iPower GM4108H-120T motor mounting bracket CAD or STL file?
How do I mount the CUI AMT103 sensor to that motor?
I am a programmer and new to SimpleFOC.
I just want to try out some examples to learn about FOC.
I do not want to spend hours experimenting with the hardware mounting.
Looking at the example videos, it appears that motor mount issues have already been resolved by the developers. I would appreciate some documentation and files to help me to start quickly. Yes, I have a 3D printer and can print out STL models.



If this is the only thing stopping you from trying SimpleFOC, I could design one for you. What are the requirements / specifications you need? Just something to bolt on the motor and a stand?

Make a picture / draw with a pencil / show me a picture and post it here.


Something like that?

112g / 34m / 10 hours on a 0.6mm nozzle with 30mm/s speed

Maybe @Antun_Skuric has this STL file somewhere?

Thanks for the offer.

The iPower motor bracket I have in mind is shown here:


Clearly, Mr. Skuric and his dev team already developed this CAD model and a reliable way to connect the ATM103 sensor.
But I could not find it with detailed instructions on Github.
Thus I am asking the community before I email Skuric about it.

Let’s wait for @Antun_Skuric for input.


Hey guys,

I’ve uploaded the stl, solidworks and step files to the docs:

The assembly is very simple:

Basically you screw the motor in with two screws (left and right) and then screw the amt base to the mount with the two screws (up and down).



Thanks for the mounting bracket, Antun.
However, it does NOT fit the current model of iPower GM4018 I purchased, as shown here…
Note (1) The 4 mounting holes are 27mm apart.
(2) The hollow shaft has O.D. of 15mm and I.D. of 8mm.
Furthermore, what is the best way to mount the CUI AMT103 sensor on the hollow shaft? It appears AMT103 expects a solid shaft to mount on.
Please advise. Thanks.

If you provide me dimensions i can design one for you very quickly

Thanks for the offer to help, Karl.
Because I was not completely sure about my measurements, I did not want to waste your time creating a new model for me. I went ahead and modify Antun’s SolidWorks model for the most recent version of GM4108 motor. My changes appear to work.


However, I am not able to test the AMT103 sensor mount because I am still waiting for the 8mm tubing from an eBay seller to convert the hollow shaft into a solid shaft.

The modified model files are saved on my Github page below. I hope someone finds them useful.