Infineon bldc shields impressions

Which one of the infineon boards do you have?
I would be very interested to know a bit more about it. Especially in combination with simplefoc library :smiley:

I was thinking of making a bare minimum (higher power) shield similar to the infinieon shield, a bit more adapted for simplefoc and a bit cheaper :smiley:

I hope you are not to much disappointed that there is no SimpleFOC running on the board.
It’s the TLE9879QXA40

I have it laying around since the beginning of the project. And when I burned my SimpleFOC setup I had a couple of test left. The Arduino is running just the outer loop and the setup/modification.
I guess it is a STM32 on board.

Would be interesting to flash the mcu to run SimpleFOC. Or get the source code from the mcu.

BTW: The driver software runs pretty powerful and efficient in velocity loop. But there is neither an open loop nor a voltage loop (or let’s say a torque mode).
The behaviour in velocity mode is excellent. This mode is where I have big challenge with the SimpleFOC. Not sure why.

It is also an open source project. Probably we can learn from it.

This is a great board I agree.
What they did with it is really good product.

I am not too interested in this shield though. The solution that they created works great for their board (firmware). I am more interested in the other shield the one with IFX007T chips.
That one should be compatible with simplefoc and I think these chips are perfect next step for the simplefoc shiled. :smiley:

I am sorry to hear that, I hope we will be able to provide you with a solution that works at some point.

IFX007T - a halfbridge with logic level on one side and 50A on the other. Plus current sensing and costing $3. Tasty!

Does this mean I have to redesign my dual board again! :wink:

Anyone see any downsides to this half bridge? It’s not stocked by JLC but is easy to solder.


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Tasty is the right word :smiley:

I would be in to see some downsides too :slight_smile:
They are pretty big maybe and the current sensing is on the high side, so I would still use the in-line current sensing.

But I am very optimistic about these chips.

Found something interesting :smiley:


These guys do a lot of stuff with SimpleFOC really fast. I agree the IFX007T looks tasty :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is the arduino shield schematic

Hat’s off to Infineon. They’ve released board design (eagle format) and code with MIT License.

@Antun_Skuric Nice find.


The most interesting I can see here is the usage of an blue-pill as a stack board.
Because Arduino is obviously not sufficient for high-level tasks it seems to be a good idea to make the next SimpleFOC shield similar. Probably with support of blue-pill and black-pill (what would be my favourit :wink:)

Are you sure that the chinese really use Antun’s library for their project?

This board would be the one I also would prefere.
In my current project I have to switch between position-, velocity- and voltage mode frequently. That’s why I love the SimpleFOC.
I use the other Infineon board until I get a new one that supports SimpleFOC. Currently I just collect temperature and efficiency values.

I am not sure they use simplefoc library, but this guy has used simplefoc is some other videos I think. Nevertheless, I am sure this ic would be supported by simplefoc.

Also @Juxo in this video I think they are using Arduino Nano. Bluepill would be better for sure. :smiley:

Using btn7960 or btn8982 three half bridge chip to make a simple driver board.Using single chip processor esp32 to brush simplefoc can open-loop control.There’s no test, but it looks good! You can try it!

Using btn7960 or btn8982 three half bridge chip to make a simple driver board.

Before I drew 2 Allegro, using 5010 motor, a little hot, current sound is very big, no test! However, the current within 10 a motor should be good!

Wow, you guys are iterating so fast! :smiley:

That’s cool, i definitely think these chips have a potential as reasonably simple solution for higher power chips.

Are btb7960 or btn8982 available on JLCpcb?

Hey,@ Antun_Skuric
I used easyeda online tools to draw the board. Ifx007t (300W) is not cheap. Jlcpcb should have btn7960, 7971b, 8962 and other chips (250W). It should be able to directly SMD. However, I didn’t verify the board above, so I verified the small board of btn7960 with only three chips. See the video link, Generally, we weld manually! If you want to verify the source file, I can send it to you!

Hello, I’m a newbie here.
Just wanted to confirm if there is support for the Infineon

Each bridge requires 2 pins INU/INHU, INV/INHV, INW/INHW, while SimpleFOCLibrary allows specifying only 3 phase pins. So it’s not possible to use this shield, is my thinking correct?

Thanks in advance!

Welcome @zjor.
You’ll have to manually enable each phase yourself in setup(). I’ve used btn8982 which are really similar to ifx007. Things like motor.disable() won’t work but that isn’t a big issue.

Being able to disable each phase is interesting as it means that you can more easily do sensorless commutation. i.e. one phase is always disabled and you monitor bemf current to see when that phase changes polarity. We don’t have support for this yet but the trapezoidal_120 modulation is a step in that direction.

Thanks for the quick reply!
Does it mean I have to set all INH* pins to HIGH only once in the setup?
Also, is it possible to use BLDCDriver6PWM instead, or is it a totally different thing (I tried it and the rotation was quite jerky)?
I was trying a combination of IFX007T + Atmega2560 + some RC airplane motor + AMT103

Hey @zjor,
BldcDriver6pwm is not intended for that. Do not use that one.
The infineon shields need only 3 pwm signals and 3 enable signals.
You have two choices really:
1)provide 1 enable to BLDCDriver3pwm and 2 of them enable in the setup function:

void setup(){
 digitalWrite(INH2, HIGH);
 digitalWrite(INH3, HIGH);
  1. use the dev version of the library which has implemented already this feature. You can provide them at the same time to the BLDCMotor3PWM:

The dev version is not yet documented well and it has some changements in the api (just a bit in your case) so its up to you. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

But this will be a standard feature from the next release. (Next week)