I want to develop FOC on stm32cubeide

can you give me the source?

such as project example because I only see development through arduino ide program

thank you

Good morning @nontarut_Mouenkhow ,

SimpleFOC is an Arduino library, so it isn’t supported in STM32CubeIDE… you’ll have to use ArduinoIDE or PlatformIO.

STM32 has its own motor control libraries and tools you can use, these work without Arduino.

If I want to use stm32xxxx to control the FOC board, do I need a library?

Have you red any of the forum? Documentation? Examples?

Using PlatformIO as development environment you can access any of the features that are available in the HAL library that STM32CubeIDE provides.

Hi @nontarut_Mouenkhow ,

If this is all new to you, you’ve taken on a challenging task to start with. Brushless motor control isn’t the easiest thing to do.

To familiarize yourself with embedded development I would suggest a project using servos or DC motors, that will be much simpler to start with.

Once you feel ready for the brushless motors I suggest you read our documentation (we have quite a lot) and take a look at our examples. That’s if you want to use Arduino.

If you want to use STM32 native code with STM32CubeIDE, and not arduino, the you‘ll have to find some STM32 specific code and examples. ST Micro provide such examples themselves, but you could also look at the VESC or ODrive projects, both of which have STM32-specific software…


i understand in arduino but if i want devolope by stm32cubeide but not seen example

yes i tried with odrive by ascii command i can do it

then i follow work of FOCsimple is new for me about stm32cubeide :slight_smile: