I need help with the direction and speed control of a BLDC motor.

I need a circuit that I can create in Proteus or Fritzing to control the direction and speed of a BLDC motor, but I don’t have an idea about how to do it or which components to use. Can someone help me with suggestions on which components to use and provide assistance with the code?


Hi there, welcome to SimpleFOC.

Please provide details about the motor and power supply you want. Pictures, data sheets, etc, and what is it going to be used for.


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Yeah, if you share more details about the motor and the requirements, ideall at-shaft rpm and torque etc. then you may be happy to hear you can use something off the shelf, but it’s not fun trying to list all possibilities.

I think you can’t (or is not worth) trying to do SimpleFOC in Fritzing. Just look up how H-bridges work and read a bit on 6-step commutation. You don’t need to know anything about /use FOC for your project from what you’ve described.