I dev stm32h750 drive simplefoc with timer 3 phase

Hello, I am interested in using stm32cubeide to develop a PWM sine wave 3 phase programmable. I have tried this a few times but the motor phase sent to the simplefoc mini is not correct. I would like some advice. The motor can rotate, but it is not stable, for example, it vibrates and some strokes are reversed.

My file 3pwm.rar - Google Drive

I use mcu is STM32H750VBT6, IDE is stm32cubeide .motor is GB36-2 (GB36-2_Gimbal Type_Motors_Multirotor_T-MOTOR Store-Official Store for T-motor drone motor,ESC,Propeller)

I have references as follows.

If all you require is a 3 phase sine wave, just use arduino and open loop mode. SimpleFOC is I think made for arduino, if you want something better than the arduino environment PlatformIO appears to be recommended and many people seem to get good results with that on stm32 devices.