How to use SimpleFOC official library on keil

I want to use SimpleFOC official library on keil to develop STM32f103rb board to control BLDC.Because SimpleFOC is based on Arduino,i try a plan on github declared in that structure the STM32 series MCU is compatible with Arduino syntax and is compiled and debugged on Keil( FASTSHIFT/Arduino-For-Keil: A lightweight Arduino framework for Keil projects. ( i failed and left many errors.
I wonder if there is a suitable plan which can use SimpleFOC official library on keil.Or else i have to use Arduino IDE to use SimpleFOC official library or use others SimpleFOC library edited.

Long, long time ago there was a Topic about someone that was able to use SimpleFOC from a CubeIDE project. Another option that you have is to use PlatformIO and from there you have access to any resource available al STM32 HAL level.


I use SimpleFOC with PlatformIO , you can use any HAL functions just using regular STM32duino framework, it gives you plenty of control. I am not sure what additional benefit Keil has unless you are trying to roll motor control into an existing project, but for starting from the ground up, I recommend PlatformIO too :smiley:

Thanks for your advice,i am going to try to use PlatformIO.

lol,because i use Keil for along time.I hope i can start a project from something i konw well.But after hearing your description PlatformIO may be a good way.

Please let us know if you are successful. I am try to integrate a CANOpen library with SimpleFoc and Iā€™m very interested in this this topic.