How to Setting PID using SimpleFOC Studio

Hi Friend,

At the moment I am trying to run a close loop for current and arrive at the PID parameter setting. Currently my motor is no longer experiencing oscillations at low speed but why does it become stuttering at maximum speed?

I’ve changed each parameter but why is it still the same?

I need ideas from friends, sorry because I’m still a beginner in using simplefoc.

And why is mine when I change to target serial the arduino monitor only arrives with T ‘1’ if I add to T’2’ the motor dies


I don’t know, but 6 is a very high gain for the integral when the proportional is 0.05. Usually the integral is much smaller than the proportional gain. How do you know the base you are standing on is all solid? You are building a custom system, unfortunately apparently everyone here is. What board etc. are you using?

i am using STM32 F401RE

For the Current (D and Q) PIs the integral gain is always much bigger (a couple orders of magnitude bigger) than the proportional gain.

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