How to run the motor using Back emf waveforms and Hall waveforms

Please help me to understand the below back emf and hall waveforms and how to drive motor.Motor data sheet
For the 1st 60 degrees
C+, A- Here the voltage is in the positive direction and C phase shall be High compared to A phase and hence 100% duty to A phase and 0% duty to C phase.
A+, B- here the voltage is in the negative direction and hence A phase voltage shall be less than B phase, hence A shall be Ground compared to B and B can be 100% duty.
B+, C- here the voltage is positive and hence B+ shall be 100% duty compared to C and C to be ground.

Please help me to clear this and drive the motor.

What is the question ? lol

I think some motors have the Hall positions off compared to the BEMF to introduce phase advance.
In this case it doesn’t seem to be the case.

My question is for which hall sequence which phases to be switched ON, for example
Hall sequence 110 which phases to be turned ON? like that for all the hall sequences i want to know the phases to be turned ON? Please advise.

That’s why you can do calibration.
Run the motor in open loop and check at what electrical angle what hall position is ON.