How to configure drv 8305 via ISPI for driving 3pwm?

Hello every one. Now I make BLDC driver from drv 8305. I read datasheet and now that driver
necessary configure from ISP. On the net, I can’t find information about this question. Please help if you how do this.

Do you mean configuring the DRV8305 using the Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) ? … not sure what you mean by ISP …

Okey, How can I configure driver for three PWM mode. Please help with this because in datasheet no information for this

Here you have an example of a SimpleFOC application that uses DRV8305

You have various functions to configure the driver using the SPI interface:

You can modify the functionms if you want to work with 3PWM using the information yhat @Gouldpa provided.

I hope it helps !!!


Thank’s for information.

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