How could I check if the FOC Board is burnt

Hi I’m currently using the Simple FOC v2.0.3. I was wondering if there is anyway to check if the board has burnt out or not. Currently I have a multi part project where some BLDC motors are driving in the reverse direction and some are fine. I tried switching out the motors and encoders to see if those parts broken, but I’m getting the same results, which makes me think its the boards. However, I was wondering if there’s a check I could do with an oscilloscope or multimeter that I could use to confirm.

Can you explain a little more about what works/doesn’t work. If it is working in the reverse direction for some motors then it sounds like the board is fine. Direction is relative and easy to change.

If you are new to simplefoc and ‘nothing is working’, then it is quite likely a software pin mis-configuration and or solder pad or wiring misconfiguration. Maybe you can post your code and take a picture of what pin-selection pads you’ve soldered on the board + wiring.

Are you hearing any buzzing from board that might indicate something is alive? Have you specified the correct enable pin on the driver to turn it on?

In my experience I know when I’ve fried my board because it gets hot/smells a bit. That said I always use a current limiting power supply (initially set to < 200ma) so it is super hard for me to fry my boards.