Hoverboard circuit board connection with flysky i6 controller

Hi there, I am using hoverboard’s mother board and uploaded my code on this board and it was working perfectly but now I’m facing an issue which is my board is not catching signal any more like my transmitter and receiver is connected and receiver is connected to board with a wire but my board is not working
I want to control this board with a flysky i6 controller
There’s no faulty component on my board
Because when i turn the board on it sounds good but when i attach my receiver to it then it doesn’t change anything like it’s not catching the signal to work on it

Does this have anything to do with simplefoc?

It’s not like with the simplefoc but i need some guidance on it

The firmware must be using as a wiki on github. Read it.

Can you add a servo or ESC to the receiver on an unused port and test that? Sometimes in an EMC-noisy environment the receiver binds to a different sender, which isn’t unlikely for 2.4GHz devices…