Higher speed issue gratethen 300 RPM

Hi everyone, i am having issue to reach grater then 300 rpm , the pid output is reaches at maximum value and current is increases continuously. below 300 rpm i am able to run motor smoothly with high torque and sound less. I am using STM32H7 series controller , so clock speed not might have an issue.
anyone know about filed weakening technique ?

Hi @Mitesh_Ironman, and welcome!

STM32H7 is very fast, so you might want to look into how quickly your loop is running.

Which development environment are you in, ArduinoIDE?

Which sensor are you using? Are you running in open loop or closed loop mode?

If you can give us a bit more information about your setup and code someone here will probably be able to help you!

I am using AtolicTrue Studio and able to run 100uSec
I am using Close loop velocity control . for torque control i have tried three of mode: voltage mode , DC Current Mode and FOC current Mode.
Sensor i am using by AMC : 4096 ppr incremental encoder. i am using quadrature mode.

Basically i have converted your Arduino library for my application . i want to drive two motor in velocity control at maximum torque using one controller.

What is the driver and the motor you are using?

And what is the voltage of the power supply that you’ve got?

You could try field weekending by changing the motor.zero_electric_angle. but I’m not 100% sutra that that is the issue here. :smiley:

hi antun, I am using 24V 200W BLDC Motor ny nidec.