Help on encoder magnet fixing

Hi guys,
I’ve ordered on Aliexpress the magnetic encoder AS5047P and the cheap BLDC motor 5010.


Next days I will start drawing the support to fix the magnetic encoder to the motor. The problem is sticking the magnet onto the motor shaft. Has anyone tried such a solution before? Have you used a super glue? My concern is that, during fastening, the glue gets on the bearing, no longer allowing the shaft to rotate. Do you have any suggestions for me?
Thank you.


may be epoxy glue ?
(it’s not as liquid as super glue)


Snap! I’ve been doing some gluing myself tonight!

I agree with @freedom2000. I tried superglue it’s too thin and sets too quick. I had to scrape out some superglue because it went on bearings. I’m using epoxy that contains two compound you mix together. It takes a few minutes to set. Much better.

I designed a small 3D printed coupling that press fits the magnet and used a bit of hot glue to attach it to the motor’s shaft. I did this as a fast way of testing everything without having to modify the motor and if I want to remove the magnet, hot glue is super easy remove.

Thank you guys! I will try different solutions.

@Owen_Williams it’s pretty much the same setup! :smiley:


BTW, where do you find these magnets ?
I only have the circular ones with north pole on one side and south on the other one.
I will probably try a 3D printed mount to fix it vertically…

Hoho. Might work!

Generally the magnets tend to be between 5-8mm in diameter and 2-3mm in thickness. Diametric of course. I’ve also used 6mmx1mm which are pretty common on ebay.

This is what i bought last time.

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