Global shortage

Yes, sure. You want inventory?

It is crazy … the original price for this MCU was less than 5€ . I have had to change my custom board desing because these prices exceeds my budget, even desoldering from a development board.

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I simply removed the MCU from the board, crazy. I’ll add it when the inventory comes back. Until then I’ll use dev boards pin header footprint. When Ford, Apple, Samsung and Xiaomi cut production or delay launches of new products, you know tarfu. And Biden isn’t making it any better with the whole new Wuhan crazy conspiracies. Deny and deflect. I thought with Trump relegated to the Florida swamps to be eaten by alligator lawyers, things with China will improve. Wishful thinking it appears.

In my case what I want develop is something like this: a robotic actuator with a BLDC controller integrating everything so having the MCU as external component is not an option

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If I were to start my design from scratch I would use an ESP32 MCU they are still available at very reasonable prices ($3.37) … I don’t know how long it will last … I’m really tempted to stockpile :slight_smile:


I am ashamed to say this but I stockpiled my smt32f. Not a lot but I’ve got a bin with assorted MCUs.

Nice. Question, probably off-topic, I’m not an expert in this field but how’s different from Patrick Wensing’s design?

I am neither an expert in this field, my background is telecommunications and more in software than hardware, … in fact this is my firts not “blinking led” hardware project.

I am just picking inspiration from a bunch open source projects like Tinymovr, Betz, moteus … and make something that works :slight_smile: with a “maker” approach much more than a engineering approach.


This is the current state of my project. Surprisingly to me, and to my joy, it worked really well in at the second iteration thanks to the HUGE support received on this forum :slight_smile:

Now I have to switch from STM32F405RGT6 to STM32F103C8T6 as the prices of the original design components skyrocketed , and produce 6 units to build 6 robotic actuators to build a 6 DOF robotic arm :slight_smile:


YES, ESP32 is always available and cheap. You don’t need to worry about the shortage of ESP32 MCU.

That’s awesome and very inspiring, thank you.

That’s great! Thank you.

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My guess is because ESP32 is primarily used for the makers/hobyst market and is not very popular for professional applications so we are not competing with big corporations in this global shortage of MCUs … lets hope it continue so :slight_smile:

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Not to bash ESP32 but IMO it is not a “serious” MCU. I know many people would disagree. Combined with Espressif being a small Chinese company and I can definitely see the current situation where esp32 is not affected by the silicon shortage.


I’d call them “up and coming” :slight_smile: - and their chips are slowly finding their way into IoT devices…
But if you take a look into their documentation and library code you definately get the reason why automotive manufacturers and medical equipment makers haven’t jumped on their chips yet :slight_smile: still somewhat in development.

But for a hobby BLDC driver I’d say they make a superb choice.

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I had this weird experience sourcing TMC2209. One Chinese company wanted 300$ each! I did find a solution on though

That’s really odd. Amazon sells them for $11.

That’s the way to develop a new product. More power to them.

That’s really odd. Amazon sells them for $11.

It was the IC. Its sold out on mouser.

Anyways… This shortage might partly be because of the virus, but it might also be due to the fear of upcoming openPNP revolution! Soon everyone will be able to fabricate electronics with awesome precision. 0402´s, no problem.

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I had a very long private conversation over the weekend with the person overseeing the manufacturing of the power chips (mosfets, igbt, integrated, etc) for one of the world’s largest chip corporations. Among other things he said the problem is a lot more complex than Covid and will extend well into 2023, and has a lot to do with geopolitics. One more interesting thing he noted, under no circumstance to buy and use the cheap packages from alibaba, aliexpress, taobao, etc. as they contain borderline defective chips originally destined for scrapping and will not work according to specs. Caveat emptor. Which kind of explains so many people on this board complain about simplefoc not working quite right on XYZ random board or very low cost chips they sourced from this really great random guy from China, or pulled from cheap hoverboards, toys, etc. It’s not the software, it’s the subpar hardware bombing on you. If I get time I will ask about a list of approved retail suppliers he would recommend (mouser, arrow and digikey of course are some of those).


DRV83053Q in stock at digikey:

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Things are getting very strange. Used to be able to order on Monday and get it by Friday, including time difference. Check this out. 14 days and counting. I ordered 2-Day express DHL… means nothing these days. And the fabrication is twice as long as it used to be. I had another PCB, it took nearly a month.

It seems that is not only global shortage of semiconductors , now you have to add a global logistic mess and power cuts in China that are forcing to intermittently stop factories.

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I got hold of some internal documents in chinese, they are forcing some businesses to work one workday a week to conserve energy and materials. The other four they stay home hungry. Imagine JLC working a day a week then shipping only when the other company works, etc. Some of my orders took days to be simply picked up by the carrier.