GIM4310 motor and SimpleFOC

Hello!! The GIM4310 motor is very interesting to me. It has almost same dimensions of iPower GM4108H, same torque (2 kg x cm) and half phase to phase resistance (5 Ohm) but it has a planetary gear with a rate of 10. So the output torque is 10 time, 20 kg x cm. Does anybody has idea if it can be driven by the simpleFOC shield for Arduino UNO? Could be a problem the resistance at 5 Ohm instead of 10 Ohm?
The same motor can be equipped with an embedded driver also. It communicates via PWM or CAN. Could the simpleFOC libraries work on Arduino with this drivers?

Based purely on the motor’s specs this motor would work very well with SimpleFOC and the SimpleFOC shield.
Rated power, voltage and current are all within the shields specs.

However, I would take the one with integrated encoder, since you will need one for closed loop control… $9 extra for the AS5047 encoder is quite reasonable.

Overall these motors look very reasonably priced for what they promise to do :slight_smile: I think I might order one myself to try them out!