ESP32 + Xiaomi M365 controller + Moteur with hall sensors

Topic for @Francois_DESLANDES so he can share his work here :slight_smile:


first test this afternoon !

ESP32 + Xiaomi M365 controller + motor with hall sensors.

It worked with velocity open loop and velocity loop mode… :wink:
but we finally burnt 2 MOSFETs … ahahah

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I thought the m365 had an stm32 on it. Where does the esp32 come in?

What do you think happened to the mosfets? I tried to look up the driver from your pdf ( mt8006a?) to see if it has shoot through protection but couldn’t find a datasheet.

we recabled it ! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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for the MOSFET (yes, MT8006A), we don’t know exactly. even with the oscilloscope, it’s not so easy to observe all signals.

The first tests were so cool ! It’s promising! :grin: :muscle: