Encodor miss some interrupt

From SimpleFoc I use only the encodor software.
I run with Esp32 wroom.
The software i wrote is for a cnc using dc motor.
I use the arduino espressif esp32 compiler version 1.06 the application run perfectly.
When I update to the compiler version 2.06, the encodor miss some interrupts.
Revert to version 1.06 fix the problem.
I see on the web, esp32 has hardware counters (PCNT).
Is some body using PCNT ?
Is it a good idea to replace interrupts handler by PCNT like esp32encodor librarry ?
Many thanks for your comments.
I would like to migrate my projects to version 2.06 but actually I can`t ! I spend one day to find what is the trouble and revert to version 1.06 solve the problem… I think the cause is interrupt sharing…


Hi @Vorms,

Thanks for reporting this. I haven’t had time to check into it, unfortunately. Did you ever solve these problems with the current framework version?

Regarding your question about the PCNT - it would be excellent to have a PCNT based ESP32HWEncoder - its on my TODO list :slight_smile:
But if someone wanted to contribute this code we would be very happy to include it in the drivers library :slight_smile: