Easy controller 3 + SimpleFOC?

Would SimpleFOC run on this hardware? GitHub - pgrady3/EasyController3: A simple BLDC motor controller, and the evolution of the EasyController2

Don’t see why not…

It has 1-shunt low-side sensing, so that would not be supported, but otherwise it should be possible. It has Hall Sensor inputs, which might also work for an encoder. And I suppose with long headers you could access the SPI on the Pico, that might be worth checking. Then you could use SPI sensors too.

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Nice, it uses a pico. It’s pretty expensive, though, $36? We need to get on with the lepton successor. I’ve tested yet another pre-made motor controller chip, and it was capable of driving my motor but could not change speeds properly.

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I guess you could also put a ESP32 S3 in it if you were so inclined

I see @runger did a little follow up on Github too

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