Does Arduino-SimpleFOC-PowerShield need a break resistance?

there is no break resistance in the board ‘Arduino-SimpleFOC-PowerShield’. Should I be worried about the BTN8982 being damaged?

Hello @lianqing,

It depends what kind of motor will you be using and what kind of application do you need your motor to work with.

If you do not have a lot of generative braking you should be fine. But if your motor needs to work a lot in this mode you might need one yes.

Can you tell us a bit more about your setup?

I thought brake resistors protected psu not drivers and that if you were using a battery they weren’t really needed. I’ve seen Odrive has a place to connect a brake resistor but i haven’t seen them on lower powered boards.

I’ve also seen anti spark switches being added to skateboard drivers. I don’t think these are essentially but the high initial currents can wear out normal connectors and switches pretty quickly.

Not only that but a high in-rush current can damage electronics too. That why if the load is highly capacitive an anti-park/ precharge/ slowstart circuit is used and preferred.