Digikey or Mouser Parts List for SimpleFOCShield?

Hi all,
I recently got some boards in for SimpleFOCShield v. 2.0.4 and am excited to assemble and try out the system. I am not too familiar with EasyEDA, but it seemed that the parts list was geared toward assembly in China. Is there a Digikey or Mouser parts list that someone might be able to point me to, since I plan to order the parts and hand solder the boards myself?



Hello @dg123

Welcome to the board.

Yes, please search for the parts list from the BOM. The parts are generic.

The driver is out of stock everywhere, earliest available is somewhere 2023, may be later.

What motor exactly do you need to drive?


I managed to get some L6234D a while ago but haven’t tested them. I want to drive some small Gimbal Motors that I have been using with an ODrive. Hopefully the L6234 aren’t counterfeit lol. I can see a schematic in the EasyEDA editor, and then a BOM of about 25 rows. I’m good at soldering but don’t have too much experience selecting sense resistors or knowing what type of capacitor to buy (other than the value and footprint size).

Why don’t you directly order from JLC without the driver, and only solder the driver yourself? Many people do that.

I can walk toy through ordering from JLC.

Which schematics you used to see this in EasyEDA?


Thanks Valentine – I have about 30 boards sitting in front of me so hopefully I can use them. Honestly it’s the first time ordering from overseas. Next time I will try to get all the passive stuff assembled in China.

The EasyEDA project that I have open shows SimpleFOCShield V2.0.4. I got to this via Release v2.0.4 · simplefoc/Arduino-SimpleFOCShield · GitHub, following the link, and opening the EasyEDA project top right.

I am able to get to an ordering site, but it’s not clear to me how to know the exact spec of the various components especially important things like the sense resistors and the capacitor C1 I see in the schematic.

Is it fair to assume that the components have pretty generic specs unless explicitly stated on the schematic? For example I can see C1 is EEH-ZA1E101XP (which I find using google no problem), and then BAT1 and BAT54S some more or less generic diodes?



Here is a screenshot of part of the schematic I refer to as an example:

30 boards of SimpleFOC shield?

Just to confirm, you plan on ordering all components from LCSC and soldering/reflowing yourself?

It is a very safe assumption.

I ported the SimpleFOC shield to EasyEDA based on the original @Antun_Skuric work so you may try to see how I mapped the components there, please check this link


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The docs for board fabrication are here:

There is a list of components, including the exact part numbers.

There is also the BOM in Excel format, here: Arduino-SimpleFOCShield/BOM.xlsx at master · simplefoc/Arduino-SimpleFOCShield · GitHub

At mouser you can set up a project (like a shopping basket) and add all the components, and can save the project for a later date.

When parts are not available, you could ask here for advice on specific parts, but in general you can use any equivalent ceramic capacitor of the same capacitance and voltage rating, and any resistor of the same resistance and power rating… the really important thing to check is that they have the same footprint.

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