Current Sensing using Current transducers ( current transformers)

So far from the documentation, only shunt resistors are used for inline current Sensing. Is there any possibility of using current transducers (LEM LA - 55P). Since I’m new to FOC techniques, it’ll be better to know the other options available for current Sensing.

Hi @kabilan_gopalsamy , welcome to SimpleFOC!

SimpleFOC uses analog inputs to sense current.

So certainly you can use a current transducer, hall-effect based current sensor or any other type of sensor that has a voltage as an output.

If the output is a current or a resistance, you’ll have to design a small circuit around it to convert it to a voltage.

If the voltage produced is outside the ADC range of the MCU, you’ll also need to adjust the sensor output range to be compatible with the MCU’s input range, for example using a voltage divider.

We don’t support digital sensors (external ADCs, I2C based sensors, etc) at the moment.

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