Current Driver suggestions/Availability

Hello guys, new here. I am using simple FOC for a precise velocity control application, and am looking for some guidance on what everyone seems to be using for motor drivers. L6234 boards/chips seem to be in very short supply, and I haven’t yet seen what people are using as an alterative for low power (<5A) applications.

Here’s some context on the components I have so far.

iFlight iPower Motor GM5208-12 5208
AS5048A Encoder

I am a bit out of my depth with this project, and I am just kind of crash coursing myself as I go. I have a background with quadcopters, does anything prevent me from getting good results with modern drone ESC’s? Its been a few years since I was in that sphere but the ESC’s just keep getting fancier.

Thanks a bunch!

Hello and welcome.

Please search the forum for the Mosquito board, it may fit your needs.