Controller resets from time to time


First I wanted to say how great I find this community and project, I’ve been learning a lot and it’s been a very enjoyable experience so far ! Thank you.

I am having minor issues of my board G431B-ESC1 resetting itself every once in a while (usually it takes a minute to a few minutes to happen). This issue seems to be independent of control mode, current draw, velocity and has been following me ever since I tried the very first SimpleFOC closed loop examples.

Board: G431B-ESC1
Sensor: AS5048A
Sensor comm: SPI3
Power: 5A 12V power supply
Monitoring: over serial / SimpleFOCStudio 

Does anyone have a suggestion as to what I could try? Any way to monitor this? Or anyone with similar experience?

Thank you!

Could it be the watchdog timer?

I couldn’t find any reference to the watchdog timer in the code, and the issue doesn’t seem to be periodical. Removing the ST-Link/Serial connection of the board seems to have improved things - for now. I’ll report again in a bit.

Are you using the web version of sfoc studio?
I found that it will crash my MCU sometimes, not sure why.
Increasing monitor downsampling can help in my case.

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I was using the desktop version. Now that I am using a Serial link to another arduino (instead of Serial over ST-Link), it hasn’t happened again.

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