Control of the Ball and Wheel System

Hey guys,

Just wanted to share with you my latest build using the library and the Janus Controller - Brushless Driver (Based on the DRV8305 and ESP32) :slight_smile:

The Youtube video shows a bit how the system works and in the description you can find relevant information if you want to dive deeper.

Any feedback on my videos is much appreciated!


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Where do you find the time to do these cool projects!
I’ve got a sipeed maix dock sat in my draw doing nothing, l now know what i should be doing with it!

Maix micros are great little devices with not the best documentation haha.

I got some april tag detection working with the maix but it was running on the main board and not the neural net coprocessor.
Have you checked out the new oak vision board from opencv?

A possible Christmas present!