Compiling Error on ESP32 using Simple FOC 2.2.1


I am unable to compile my code using version 2.2.1 of the library. If I rollback to version 2.2.0 it compiles.

I am using Arduino IDE 1.8.19

Any ideas?

Hey @Rollmop,

I’ve tried to document this everywhere where it made sense but I guess I did not make a very good job.
Thanks for posting the question, it will help others in the same situaiton. :smiley:

SimpleFOClibrary from the version v2.2.1 requires the ESP32 arduino package version higher than 2.0.1.
ESP32 arduino packages changed their low lever API and there was no way for us to support both old an the new one at the same time so we opted for the new one.

So just update your esp32 support package in your Arduino IDE board manager and you’ll be set.

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Just to be clear and maybe help others

I have upgraded my ESP32 addons in board manager to 2.0.2 (highest available)

This was found by adding a json file in Additional Boards Manger URLS

Had previously had it set to
which only took me to version 1.0.6

It now compile but with warnings is this normal?

Yes, a few warnings are normal…

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is it normal that I get such warnings? when compiling esp32

Yeah, some warnings are normal, and can be ignored. I think we may have fixed some of them for the next release…

Thanks for your reply. I found the reason . This land is on the board, it is not. I don’t know what it’s for, but I’ve been looking for a very, very long time for a reason why the motor doesn’t turn, but makes strange noises. This pin is still located next to the 5V, so it is convenient to connect…

Ha, I’ve had exactly the same problem before…

The reason is that your board has a silkscreen error. This pin is not GND, but CMD, part of the flash memory interface. you can’t use it.

The original DevKitC boards pictured in the Espressif documentation label the bin correctly.