Compilation error

I use ESP32 wroover module and when I compile the library, i get an error:
F:\users\Vorms\Documents\Arduino\libraries\Simple_FOC\src\drivers\hardware_specific\esp32_ledc_mcu.cpp:21:26: fatal error: soc/soc_caps.h: No such file or directory

I Thank you very much for your help in this problem.

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This has nothing to do with SimpleFOC.

You are missing espressif’s core libraries. Did you properly follow all the steps of adding the Arduino espressif boards and libraries before you tried compiling SimpleFOC?

Hello @Vorms

SimpleFOClibrary has officially migrated to the esp32 package versions greater than 2.0.1. The earlier packages will no longer be supported.
If you wanna use the esp32 Arduino package version bellow 2.0.1 you should use SimpleFOClibrary version v2.2 and lower.
This compilation error is probably due to the earlier package version, in whihc the soc_caps.h did not exist.

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Many thanks for your help !
I installed version 2.2 and it compile without any errors !
Thanks !

Hi @Antun_Skuric

Thanks a lot for this answer. I would like to upgrade my SimpleFOClibrary to version v2.2.1 and encountered this problem. How may I update my esp32 arduino package version accordingly? I’m using platformIO.

Thank you!

Hey @CZhang,

In the arduino IDE, you can just use the board manager and chnage your ESP32 package from to 2.0.1.
However they have chnaged their URL from which you need to download the package when they had transitioned from the version 1.6 to 2.0+

Here is the platformio guide: