BLDC Motor Recommendation

I’m looking for a 24v BLDC motor, exactly 200w, with high efficiency and high torque (not less than 6Nm).
Motor without gearbox 0.6Nm.ф57x89mm-brushless-dc-motor-57blr90-24-01

Does this mean I need to choose the following products with 100:1 reducers?

Hi Mark,
I’m afraid that wouldn’t work that way. A multi-stage gearbox will have a low efficiency (assumed 0.5) and the overall torque will probably be 0.6Nm*100 / ~0.5 = 3Nm

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That’s 10:1 not 100:1?

Good fetch. I didn’t notice that.
To reach 6Nm I’d then look for a 20:1 gear reduction or a hoverboard motor, if it fits.

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