BLDC Motor Driver Recommendation


I am looking to use 4 of these BLDC motors:

and have them interface with Arduino Nano ESP32. Would like some recommendations for motor driver for a 1U cubesat reaction wheel project.

So the problem is that the driver I have right now require 6 PWM pins to interface with arduino.

I have 4 motors and that would need 24 pins in total on Arduino board.

Few things to understand

You are very unlikely or would i say impossible to drive 4 motors on singke ESP32 MCU.
You are likely to be able to run maximum of 2 motors with 3PWM logic driver (eg. STSPIN233) or one motor with 6pwm driver (TMC6300).

This is due to available timers and MCPWM pins in ESP32 as well as computational budget of the MCU itself. SimpleFOC relies on quite a intense calculations.

If you want to drive 4 motors you probably would need 2x ESP32 and 4X STSPIN233 or similar 3PWM logic driver.