BLDC 5010-750KV Motor Jerking IN Angle control with AS5600 & Arduino Nano Combination

BLDC 5010-750KV Motor Jerking with AS5600 & Arduino Nano combination. Adjusted PID Value.No changes in Jerking
But In Stm32 Nucleo & AS5600 Combination,Its working fine.Pl guide me why arduino nano combination not working

Arduino nano is archaic from an MCU perspective. It might not sound like a big jump from 16Mhz to 64Mhz but there is a lot more going on (Better pwm, floating point support, etc). Not surprising nucleo works better.

(Tongue in cheek: :slight_smile: If I had my way Iā€™d ban 8bit support from SimpleFOC as people are generally dissappointed with the outcome. A 32bit chip can be bought for $3 so please let 8bit die.)

If you want to remove the PID tuning (which might be the source of the problem), you could run nano in torque/voltage mode. In this mode you simply set a voltage and the motor spins as fast as it can for the voltage you choose. If you are happy with how torque/voltage mode works then you can return to tuning you PID


Hi, Thank u for your support. Stm32 working fine with PID Controller. Thanks.