BGC board setup

Hi all,
i was testing the library yesterday, with the open loop with no success.
my hardware is a bgc-s board like this.
with a 3s lipo and a propdrive 35-36 800KV

I have used the open loop example and the result after the motor init is some vibration from the motor, followed by a bit of smoke from a blown up controller.
Am i expecting too much from this controller , or we do need to setup something else?

I’ve just look around the community, an i think i need a better board to drive this type of motors.

If you are lucky, you may have blown just one of the channels. I’ve used this board but always use a bench power supply and limit voltage and current e.g 12v 1A. I reckon that would have saved your board from the magic smoke!

In software there are a couple of voltage_limits (one for normal use and one during initFOC) and depending on the resistance of your windings these might need to be set around 1v for bigger motors! Some V=IR maths will help make sure you don’t go much above 1A continuous.

Yeh, a bigger controller may be necessary to properly drive this motor!

Hi @bgvsan,
I had the same trouble with a much smaller motor.
See Preparation of HMBGC and BGC drivers to see that I struggled with this contollers.
I made a lot of magic smoke :smirk: