Bad performance fast baud-rate and IDE

I have been using the Arduino IDE ver 1.8.13 on a pretty beefed up PC running the latest release of Windows and an Arduino Mega 2560 board.

Using Serial.begin(115200); found in most examples seems to be keeping the processor VERY busy such that uploading or opening the serial monitor results in some sort of com port error or another. Taking 10-20 tries to establish communications. Cutting that speed in half helps quite a bit and at 57600…you won’t miss anything.



Honestly i cannot confirm this. I would say that 115200 is even a bit low. In my last tests i am going as high as 250000.

I have never had a problem of connection like that, can you elaborate a bit more on it?

Hi @Keshka,

I am not sure that we are one the same line. But if you mean that after some time the serial gets really laggy and eventuelly crash: Then I am experiencing the same issues! My solution was to use an other program that can read serial such as Putty. That remains fast and stable on my pc even after some time!



I think it is board dependent. I have a second Arduino mega and it opens every time so am thinking …disregard this thread.