Assalamualaikum, I'm using AS5600 Magnetic Encoder Sensor for one of my project. When I setup magnet distance 1 mm in between magnet and AS5600, I got both I2C and analog signal smoothly. But when the distance is 3mm or more I got only I2C value correctly

I’m using 3.3v in whole system, battery powered. And using the module board so that did not add additional capacitor.

I need the analog signal in between 3 to 5 mm distance. Please suggest a guideline to get the data.

Hi @payel_roy , welcome to SimpleFOC!

Unfortunately an air-gap of 3mm is probably too big for the AS5600, or magnetic sensors in general. It’s at the very end of the recommended distance, so as you are experiencing, depending on the magnet, you won’t get a reliable signal.

And if this is for motor control, you’ll find that running the motor will further affect the signal quality due to magnetic and electrical interference.

So what can you do? One possibility you can try is to use a bigger, stronger magnet. With a bigger magnet it is possible the field strength will be stronger and the sensor will work better.

Otherwise I think you’ll have to reduce the air-gap, distances around 1mm tend to work well.


depending on which board you are using, some are stuck in programming mode, you have to remove one of the resistors, to get reliable analog output, but sounds like you got that done already, idk.

Yeah they aren’t like compasses, you’d think the sensor would work at considerable distance, like a compass would. But no, they aren’t that sensitive.

Hi and welcome.

1mm is the recommended distance.

5mm is out of spec. You need to adjust your setup.