AS5600 sensor analog output problem in distance

Assalamualaikum, I’m using AS5600 Magnetic Encoder Sensor for one of my project. When I setup magnet distance 1 mm in between magnet and AS5600, I got both I2C and analog signal smoothly. But when the distance is 3mm or more I got only I2C value correctly and did not get any analog signal. I study the datasheet and I did not found any logical cause.

I’m using 3.3v in whole system, battery powered. And using the module board so that did not add additional capacitor.

I need the analog signal in between 3 to 5 mm distance. Please suggest a guideline to get the data.

Thank you.

I’ve tried in several distance. Only 1 mm distance provide analog signal. my expecting is to get signal from the sensor from 5 mm distance.

Why are you opening a new thread for the same question ?

I think that was partly the forum software fault, one of his posts needed to be approved (sometimes happens to new user) so got delayed a day. I imagine he reposted when it didn’t show

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