Artificial spiral spring on a shaft with reel

Hi everyone I am trying to implement some setup that are similar to vacuum cleaner cord reel using simpleFOC and nema 24 stepper motor with mechanical encoder on it. I need to wind and unwind the reel using force of one hand easily without skipping steps. I allready has some results using voltage_control.ino by setting torque as minimum as possible I can easily wind and unwind reel, everything is nice but speed of rotating is extremly slow not as like spiral spring behave. So I have two questions: 1)How to increase speed of rotating when cord is free and nobody is trying to hold it? 2)After increasing speed how to hold torque at low level for example cord is free and speed of rotation is going fast and suddenly someone grabs the cord making the motor stall. How to make this break procedure as smooth as possible without hard pull an stop and without skipping steps?

High speeds on stepper are generally more difficult to achieve because of how low the kV rating is.
What motor voltage do you have? How fast are you moving it now?
There is no “skipping steps” when you drive the motor with FOC, that is only an idea that applies to step-dir type drivers.

I can run nema 24 in this configuration with speed that i think is fast enough for me , but while running this speed I can’t stop cord winding by hand because with increasing speed as result you I get the increasing torque , Motor is pulling cord to hard , skipping steps. Power supply voltage 24V in sketch I am setting voltage from 2.5V to 8V