Arduino R4 wifi stability

newbie question:
i’ve read a few posts indicating some previous issues with wifi/SimpleFOC on the arduino r4…

has all that been sorted out in the latest release? is there a microcontroller with wifi that would be more reliable and stable?


The obvious alternative is esp32 s2 which has been supported by this library for years. It has 2 cores, so people tend to do the http on one core and simplefoc on the other with some messaging between cores.

Ironically the arduino r4 actually uses the esp32 s3 as its wifi module. I imagine it is locked down and only connected to the renesas chip so it probably can’t do much other than its intended purpose.

thanks for the quick response!

so something like the FeatherS2 ESP32-S2?
does the SimpleFOC library include any messaging functionality to communicate between the cores?

i’m hoping to be able to control my motor via wfi messaging (like mqtt) and/or a browser interface…

@David_Gonzalez is one of our esp32 experts, he’ll be able to give much better advice than me. I’ve used esp32 a few times - usually buy one off ebay for about £8 - with devkit or wroom in the name - but buying a better brand will give you better docs, probably. There are newer chips than the s2 but they don’t seem to be much better from a simplefoc perspective - e.g. have things like crypto support.

I can’t remember the exact way esp32 talk amongst cores, but it wasn’t too difficult. You’ll probably see a few guru meditation errors if you get things wrong (love that name!). Esp32 are able to print messages like this on core panic, which is useful/annoying - not sure which!

I suspect @runger will know if anything has improved re. uno r4 wifi stability.

The achilles heel for esp32 is their ADC - not very linear. I also suspect they draw a bit more milliamps than you average mcu.