Any plans to implement quadrature encoder on STM32 uc?

I am studying the code and came across the quadrature encoder implementation, which uses software, interrupt or pin change interrupt.
On STM micros, some of the timers have support for quadrature encoders in hardware, essentially providing a position sensor register for free.
Any plans to implement that ? as this is hardware dependent, how should this be organized in the source ?
For my own experiments I will use the generic encoder interface, but maybe a cleaner approach would be welcome.
Just a few thoughts.

It’s implemented in our drivers library!

Please take a look at the STM32HardwareEncoder class. It should work with any STM32 MCUs that have the encoder support, but of course needs to be set up on the correct pins to be able to work.

I’ve tested it on STM32F4 and G4 series MCUs, but it should also work on others, I think.


I’ve tested it on f1 and f4 families as well, works great.:smiley: