An ArduBadge alternative in PHP

Hi guys,

I am not sure how many of you used it so far but there are some recent problems with the ArduBadge repo from @gilmaimon.

It’s a very nice repo which we used for years to display the library manager version of our library on all our websites and readmes. Recently it has several issues as it is out of maintenance.
Several users have created issues and it might take some time to repair. At its current state it has very very long load time (more than a minute) and it does not always work.

While the original repo is not repeaired I’ve created a simple php version of this repo which can be found here:

What does it do ?

  1. The repo gets the name of the library from the url and finds the lates version of the library on the arduino website that matches the name. It parses The code will cache the library versions and only fetch it once a day.
  2. Once it fetched it the code builds a badge based on the github badges.

How to use it ?

The syntax is very similar as for the original ardubadge so if you need something similar for your project this might be a way to go in the mean time.



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