Alternative to B_G431B_ESC1


I am currently working with the ESC1 but I am now 4 of those deep in the project and they always make problems after some time.
I am now looking for an more reliable alternative that can achieve the same performance.
I took a look at the shield from Infinion but it does not seem to support encoder which would be nessesary for my project.
Can anyone give some recomendatitions that they know work with the SimpleFOC libary ?

Kind regards

You should check out the QUADVRANS board. I think we should adopt it or perhaps a slightly better even still version, as a standard flagship board, to replace the one on the website.

The idea of the arduinos and picos where you use the same board for testing/dev and also in the product seems like a good idea that allows small scale product development to be much more practical. We need this for a motor driver. You can get them for stepper motors no problem, the trinamic tmc2209 boards for instance are great for stepper motors. Now we just need something for a 3 phase motor, with sensorless or encoder based operation an option.

There is the odrive micro, it’s expensive but it looks really good, and you won’t have to futz around developing your program with it. But it’s expensive.

Also I don’t know if you can modify the code easily. It’s all open source so I’m sure you can modify it. But I think the theory is you have a separate board in your device to do whatever stuff, the micro just does the motor stuff very specifically. But there will always be cases where someone needs a different system. You can modify the odrive code and re-compile but I kind of like things to be standard modules all the way down. That’s why I like simplefoc.

I could not use the odrive micro in my application anyway, I think, case in point. It’s acceleration is probably not good enough, and it will make too much noise. Everything makes noise unless explicitly and laboriously designed to do otherwise, and they are not going to do that right off the bat, there is no good reason to for most applications.