Affordable DC power supply for up to 400V

Hello SimpleFOC Forum this is my first post,

Currently i use a lab bench power supply for my DRV8302 Board, now I am testing an IGBT Board with up to 600VDC capability. It works great with my lab bench PSU ( Up to 30 V ). Are there any affordable PSUs with up to 400VDC?

I imagine the cheapest solutions will convert 230VAC directly to DC. 230AC will have peak of over 300V.

Add some rectifiers and some smoothing.

What could go wrong? (apart from risk of fire, electrocution, etc)

I am joking. Don’t do this.

This video has comments that suggest that the ~$200 HSPY-400-01 can do 350VDC and hasn’t died after 2 years usage. You’ll probably only get 1A at that voltage. I expect you need a lot more power.